touchstone constructions maintenance & small works


We have and continue to develop lasting relationships with new and old clients and have been asked on many occasions to oversee the maintenance of their property and undertake small works. This has led us to develop a side of the business, specifically focusing on completed projects, ensuring that a property is well looked after and always presents well. For new projects, we undertake a building report, produce a maintenance proposal and undertake any works that may be required.

Houses have many components requiring regular maintenance including Roofs & Drainage, Painting, Floor Surface Cleaning & Sealing, Landscaping, Pools, Heating, Cooling, Hot Water, Windows, Doors & Joinery, to name but a few.

In order to avoid large outlays for repairs, regular maintenance is the best way to look after your investment!

We also undertake small works and can guide you through the process of building a new kitchen, a bathroom renovation, wine cellar, home gym and office, plus small additions and renovations including roof replacements, new pools and pool refurbishment.

We have the expertise and the contacts to take the stress out of maintaining your home and undertaking small works, ensuring your property presents well all of the time.